This work has been made possible by the generous support of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

We thank the coders, who participated in this studies of this project:

  • Yam Chhetri
  • Vincenz Doelle
  • Aparna Halder
  • Zardosht Hodaie
  • Taha Koltukluoglu
  • Amel Mahmuzic
  • Afaq Mustafa
  • Hoda Naguib
  • Nitesh Narayan
  • Helmut Naughton
  • Dennis Pagano
  • Enrique Perez
  • Tobias Roehm
  • Blagina Simeonova
  • Alexander Waldman

We also thank Yam Chhetri, Barthelemy Dagenais, Helmut Naughton, Dennis Pagano, Peter Rigby, Christoph Treude, Gias Uddin, and the anonymous TSE reviewers for comments and suggestions.